Corporate Social Responsibility at FOTCO

Corporate Social Responsibility at FOTCO

FOTCO plays a significant role in the development of the region in which it operates.
CSR has been engraved in all what we do. At FOTCO we strongly believe in the principle of corporate social responsibility, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders including their employees, customers, local authorities and communities. We take full responsibility of the actions we take and implement initiatives that are aimed at supporting the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of our surroundings. We consider honesty and constructive collaboration with all our stakeholders to be an important part of our dynamic development while contributing significantly in sustainable social development. We recognize that our surroundings and stakeholders are key issues for our business both now and in the future, and that we cannot operate independently of them. The Company’s main activities in the field of corporate social responsibility are as follows: health & safety, environment and people.


A responsible attitude towards the environment is one of the key components of our
corporate social responsibility approach and an important factor in the stable, long-
term vision of FOTCO. The Company strives to comply strictly with all applicable
requirements of environmental law in the regions where we operate, and always
remain ahead of these regulations.


The Company strives to create the conditions to stimulate and realise the creative
potential of its employees and shape a corporate culture based on professionalism,
individual initiative and accountability.
Key areas of CSR activity in the employment sphere include employee basic
training, academic support for their children, catering and recreation activities for
workers, employee development and professional training, incentives for employee
improvement, social support for retirees and veterans, insurance and many other
kinds of benefits.

Compensation & Benefits also include:

• Provident Fund
• Bonus
• Free medical for self and entitled family members.
• Company maintained dedicated Cars for senior management.
• Company Pick and Drop from fixed points in air-conditioned vehicles.
• Mobile Instruments and usage charges.
• Gratuity
• Group Life Insurance
• Rebated food at site
• Salary Advance & Provident Fund Loans
• Education for Deceased Employees Children.

Other CSR initiatives include:

• A primary school in nearby vicinity at Lath Basti was upgraded by repairing of the building and the
structure, which was in dilapidated state, in the 1st phase and in the 2nd phase all the furniture has been
• Annual donation/ scholarship to the needy and excelling students of Foundation University (Fauji
• Annual donation to Rangers Special Task Cell.