LNG Terminal

LNG Terminal

FOTCO is a consortium partner of 750 mmscfd LNG import terminal at Mazhar Point, Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan. FOTCO has invested over US$ 30 million in the 14 km long RLNG pipeline infrastructure that connects the offshore jetty to SSGC delivery point. The RLNG pipeline is owned and operated by FOTCO that provides service to PGPC for transmission of RLNG from FSRU to SSGC delivery point. FOTCO also carries out the overall O&M of the PGPC LNG Terminal.

FOTCO RLNG pipeline connects the offshore LNG jetty to SSGC Grid through 30” dia 14 km long pipeline comprising of 1 kilometer subsea pipeline section, 4-kilometer trestle-mounted section, and 9 km buried pipeline section. The pipeline has an inherent designed capacity of 1.2 bcfd which provides sufficient available capacity for future LNG Terminals. FOTCO has managed transmit over 66,560 mmscfd RLNG to SSGC grid to date.

FOTCO is prideful of being an integral part of this energy infrastructure project, which holds significant national importance.

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