Culture and Events

Leadership Retreat 2023

On November 23, FOTCO orchestrated a retreat named “Charting the Unknown” in the northern areas. This event was not just a getaway; it played a crucial role in boosting team spirit and promoting the well-being of the employees. The well-planned activities in the scenic hills offered a refreshing experience, combining team-building exercises with the beauty of nature. The retreat fostered professional bonds, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and personal growth.

Annual Mango Party (2023)

This year’s mango party at FOTCO/FTTL was a heartwarming event that brought employees together for a memorable gathering. The venue was decorated with vibrant mango-themed decorations, creating a festive atmosphere. Various activities were organized, including mango-tasting sessions featuring a variety of mango types, interactive gatherings, and a delicious lunch. Employees enthusiastically participated in these activities, fostering a sense of solidarity and fun. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to relax, bond, and savor the delicious flavors of the season.

Successful Night Navigation

In May 2023, a night navigation of fully laden POL vessels
was successfully commenced for the first time in the history of 28 years.
On 10th May 2023, oil vessel MT. Ardmore carrying imported Motor Gasoline was berthed at Fauji Oil Terminal and Distribution Company (FOTCO) by Port Qasim Authority (PQA) at 08:00 pm under night navigation protocols. This marked successful commencement of fully operational night navigation for oil tankers calling at PQA, a major breakthrough in oil import handling operations in Pakistan.

The milestone is a reflection of strong collaboration between PQA and FOTCO, and our commitment to providing efficient and reliable services to the country’s petroleum sector.


Cricket Tournament

  • Cricket has always been our national passion and it brings people closer!
  • At FOTCO, the tournament played among 4 highly energetic teams brought our people on one platform.

Eid Celebrations

Celebrating the true spirit of Eid at our site area at Port Qasim!. It was a totally unforgettable experience of Eid Milan Party with our team members where we cherished the true essence of Eid !

A liaison between FF Management & FOTCO – FOTCO Management welcomes the team of Fauji Foundation University to liaison with their educational & other CSR initiatives, to benefit the society

Quarterly Lunch

FOTCO realizes the impact of employee engagement over employee productivity and therefore a quarterly lunch was planned for all employees of FOTCO & FTTL by the end of March 2023, to embark one step ahead to make the place happy to work for.

Power packed HAZOP training

Another three (03) days power packed training on HAZOP was concluded for highly energetic employees of FOTCO and FTTL in March 2023.

This training was planned to help our participants to understand the basic concepts of Process Hazard Analysis and minimum OSHA requirements for such studies.

Two (02) days session on Ms-Excel

 By first week of February 2023, a two (02) days In-house session on Microsoft Excel was conducted by Mr. Kashef Uddin, who is Microsoft Certified IT Trainer. Many thanks to the IT department for their support and coordination and special gratitude for Mr. Kashef and his team in giving the training and sharing knowledge about key concepts.

Three (03) days school trip of Dawood Public School at FOTCO site

With an unwavering focus on environmental protection at our workplace, a 3 days school trip was organized for the students of ‘Dawood Public School’ at our plant at Port Qasim in January 2023.
The session was attended by around 150 students and 12 teachers who got enlightened on various environment agendas that FOTCO is actively perusing.


Signing of an MOU between Fauji Trans Terminal Ltd. and Shell Pakistan for storage & handling of MOGAS products

In Dec 2022, FTTL signed an Agreement with Shell Pakistan for storage and handling of Motor Gasoline on spot basis. With this agreement, it is expected to increase the total handling capacity up to 15-20,000 MT per month which shall bring incremental revenues for the company. This has only been a first step, towards further growth and expansion for both FOTCO & FTTL.