Oil terminal


FOTCO is located at Port Qasim about 35 km East of Karachi. The Terminal located on the North side of the Kadiro Creek at position 24o47′ N; 67o17′ E is an established state of the art oil handling facility capable of handling about 9 million tons of oil per annum with a growth potential of 27 million tons per annum. FOTCO was established in the year 1995 and since have been handling majority of Diesel and Furnace Oil imports of the Country.

Designed and equipped to handle all types of POL Products, the terminal has so far handled over 163 million tons of oil. FOTCO Terminal plays an important role in Pakistan’s maritime operations by providing safe, efficient and smooth handling of country’s fuel requirements. It is the only terminal in the entire region equipped with state of the art automated jetty monitoring system.